About Meet The Artist

Jeffry Loy has been an active participant in the Atlanta art scene for the past twelve years. Graduating from the Atlanta College of Art in 1996 with a BFA in Sculpture and Photography, Loy currently works from his studio in The B-Complex, an artist-owned community located in downtown Atlanta.

Loy has traveled the length and breadth of the United States from Atlanta, New York, Richmond and Jacksonville to Austin, Nevada and San Francisco, exhibiting his unique style of hand forged steel sculptures, including his popular fire sculptures, featured on Southern Living Presents (Turner South, 2005) where Loy displayed the blacksmith techniques used to create the sculptures.

When he is not traveling to exhibit his work, you will find Loy getting back to nature, looking for his next inspiration.

“My sculptures tend to be organic with a strong figurative element that exhibit the many gestures of human emotions. My ideas come from astute observations in nature, so when I am creating a new work I base each of the elements on designs already evident in nature. I incorporate both present and extinct organisms to give each piece a fanciful yet recognizable representation of our natural world."

Loy divides his studio time between artistic sculptural metalwork and ornamental architectural commissions for both residential and commercial clients.
Using a collaborative approach with each client, Loy custom designs architectural elements to give visual energy to a stagnant space; personalizing a residence or invigorating a commercial environment.

Loy’s current creative focus is on forging botanic steel sculptural lamps that were developed after numerous requests for autonomous versions of the fire sculptures. The 4-6 foot high florid indoor sculptures and the 6-20 feet tall outdoor solar sculptures with programmed LED patterned lights incorporate the element of fire and modern electrical lighting to make them practical as well as ornamental. The indoor lamps were designed specifically for residential use. The Light of 1000 Souls series were featured in three outdoor sculpture exhibitions in 2005: "Art in Freedom Park" and "Forces of Nature" in Atlanta, GA and Artspace's "Sculpture Invitational" in Richmond, VA. The latest installation, Luminous Lilies, was created in 2007 for the solo exhibition "Luminous Noctis" at the Spruill Gallery in Atlanta, GA.

Early 2005 Loy partnered with electronic wiz-kid Joe Martin of San Francisco, CA to create Pupula Arborteum at the request of George Kinghorn, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, JMOMA, for "Activating Spaces: Sculpture as Environment" in Jacksonville, FL. The forest of gangly metal plants meticulously hand forged from steel, fused the organic with technology as the heads of the plants were moving monitors displaying video images of human eyes. Hidden sensors reacted to movement of gallery visitors triggering them all to lock onto the visitor as they walked by the sculpture.

Combining old-world blacksmithing and modern technology Loy transforms stagnant materials into an evocative, yet dynamic visceral experience for the recipient.

”When I’m working I am always mindful of the history and techniques of blacksmithing while at the same time preserving and adding to its history. Each new sculpture I create makes me want to extend my ideas and technique further than the previous creations,” reflects Loy.